Saturday, April 13, 2013


Somewhere in the deepest corners of my heart somethings is stirring. A strange sense of familiarity struggles to make itself known. Have i been here before? If I have, why does this remind me so much of the Genesis 1 story of creation? Is it that deep within my being something new is taking shape or could it be that this is His work of re-creation: Restoring me to His original plan and purpose? After so much brokenness, chaos, hurt and confusion could it be that one of the greatest miracles of all is happening in me? Can an old disgruntled Christian with loads of baggage be made new? "I wait ... like watchmen wait for the morning..."


Andrew Riddin said...

Time has indeed been passing. A lot too fast for my liking at times! I am well thanks, reasonably content. And you?

bugs said...

I am doing well thanks so much has happened in the last few years. where are you now and what are you up to? Please post a update or email me