Monday, May 25, 2009


Sunday, God has this way of answering patiently even when i behave like a 2-year-old. Pete's sermon was a blessing


Saturday morning was spent clearing some of the clutter in my house, a time that i used to also clear some of the clutter from my mind - another blessing


Friday afternoon was spent in simplicity, playing games with my son and reading - thanks be to God for a time of sanity

Friday, May 22, 2009

Count(ing my blessings) down to Penticost

At our Ascension Day Service Pete(rock) challenged us to journal every day about at least one moment in that day when we encountered God: So here Goes:

Wednesday was not a good day for me. My car ran our of fuel in peak-hour traffic on a very busy road with no-where to go to get out off the way. This together with some other struggles and frustration (and probably a bit of pms) left me feeling useless and extremely sorry for myself. I began to reflect on all of my failures and the events of my life that has brought me to the place i am. Eventually i ended up saying i am useless, i am useless in ministry, i am useless in motherhood and i am useless in my personal life... and then i looked around me and so the unwashed dishes and started crying.

On Thursday morning at 00h23 i woke up with an sms from a friend who lives 1000km away pleading desperately for some encouragement to make it through a very dark night. I responded rather sleepily and went back to bed.

When i woke up again at 6h15, there was an sms from the same friend thanking me for my friendship, encouragement and ministry to her over the past couple of years. My son came to disturb my peace with a tickle-fight (which got me moving enough to wash the still unwashed dishes) after which i spend an amazing day of family fun. This perfect day draw to a close with a time of worship and a candlelight dinner.

And so yes, i encountered God. I encountered Him in each of the areas where i felt lost and helpless.


Ps. there is another post that has been mulling around in my mind for a while now (lets call it 'Esther' for now) and for those who are waiting for this post... please keep bugging me about it until i eventually do it

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today i feel guilty for being so ungrateful. Over the last four weeks i have been going around with a "woe is me..." attitude simply because i have had a bit of a stressful time... How could i have been so ungrateful, so self-centered! Here i was, thinking that i am going through a particularly difficult time, when there are people around me, people i care about who is experiencing so much more pain, so much more fear, so much more...

Yesterday, i learned that my younger cousin (a beautiful, kind-hearted, inteligent, gifted, 22-year-old woman) was diagnosed with MS). This would be hard in any family, but with Anita...

Anita is the youngest of two girls, her older sister has downs-syndrome and has had a stroke when she was about 10 years old. She is now in a wheelchair, are wearing diapers and have the mental capability of a two-year-old. Nina's condition has put a tremendous amount of strain on the family. Anita, in her gentle way has always taken care of her older sister with so much love and devotion.

Pray with me for this family- for Anita, Nina and their parents.

As for me, i choose to count my blessings (after all, i am only a bit tired and stressed).

So today i give thanks for my amazing son; an opportunity to minister amongst amazing people; my friends and loved ones. Today i give thanks to for life!