Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Noah - faith or works?

last night i was rudely interrupted in a very interesting dream. I dreamt i was talking to someone (whom i cannot remember) who asked me if Noah was saved by faith or through works. i must probably add that the interruption was from my husband who was complaining because i was once again talking in my sleep.

This morning i woke up with this question in my mind. I suppose one can argue that Noah was saved by faith - for Noah trusted in God and therefore did what he was asked to do. On the other hand one could argue that he was saved by works for even if He believed that God was going to send a great big flood, he would still have died if he didn't built the Ark.

However, now that i am a bit more awake it becomes more clear: true faith always goes over into action. As James reminds us: faith without action is dead.

Moreover, i am being short-sighted: salvation is about eternity, yes it impacts on the here and now but it is about much more than our physical bodies and needs.

Perhaps though, we need more Noah-Christians, people who are willing to act on their faith, people who are willing to get their hands dirty...

I pray that God will lead me to be more like Noah in this regard