Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is that You?

Amid the chaos of my life i find my soul slowly awakening to the gentle but persistent call of that Still Small Voice

In the past year i have given up on God's call in my life - the idea of life in His service seemed impossible, and way to hard. I have started my new job of saving lives in the here and now and doing some sales and teaching work on the side... making life work ... or so i thought. And now, in the chaos and the pain, in the tiredness and the sometimes crude world of emergency services, i feel this pull back to Him, back to basics, back to ministry, back to life ... and although nothing make sense - everything make sense!

Lord, i am a bit out of touch... is that You? Calling me again?

Friday, October 1, 2010

i told you so...

I often wonder how life would be if i could into the future, if i could know without a doubt where the path would lead... would i still go?

i have so often been told 'i told you so' and am standing at one of those 'i told you so moments again. I should have known and others have told me so, but i refused to listen. Now i wonder, if i could have seen with my own eyes, would i...

i guess i probably would - i am suborn that way.

and yet, there are few things in life that i honestly regret, for each of those 'mistakes' brought me closer to who i am, through each mistake i have shed some of my masks.

"i told you so, i smile at myself" and get up to clean my own mess

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bean around

Many people have asked where I have been the last 7months and want to know what I have been doing.

So here is the short of it: In the last 7 months, i have been hanging in and trying to make life work. Everything that i always thought i was good at fell flat and i had to start over again. One thing remained constant tho: I am still passionate about coffee, so if you are wondering where I have bean, check out my coffee blog