Wednesday, June 27, 2007

tribute to an angel

A friend of mine often says jokingly: "i want to die silently and in my sleep like grandpa did, not kicking and screaming like the passengers in his car".

Today has been one of those freezing cold days with snow flakes falling gently on the ground, and on this cold day i had the privilege to bury a remarkable lady. A lady who warmed (quite literally) the hearts and lives of many. If i could have a say in how i would like to die, i would want to die like her. On Thursday evening the family found her in her lounge peacefully sitting on her favorite chair still with a half-finished jersey for a less fortunate child in her hands that she was busy knitting when she died. What a testimony, what a way to go! Valerie was 75 years old and loved and cared in thought and in action. She always knew what was going on in the community and in the world and would not only complain about bad circumstances but did something to change it. Her relationship with her Lord was so real, so intimate that the had a permanent glow.

Today, on this very cold winters day, i had the privilege to hand out the last five jerseys that she knitted to five abandoned children.

Today, i give tribute to an angel...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful and supportive comment you left on my page. I am glad that God is teaching me so much and that I am able to share it with others!! Hope to talk to you again soon.