Sunday, December 30, 2007

a tree cut off; a tree alive

in our back garden stands a great big old tree stump that tells the sad story of not being wanted anymore where it was planted - not by its own will, but my the one who planted it. For at least six months this tree stump stood there, a sad testimony of the whimsical nature of humanity. Now however, this stump is sprouting new leaves and branches, testifying to a power far greater than that of mankind the power of hope in hopelessness. The power of the true light that shines in the darkness: the power of Christ.

Today the "tree of my ministry" is being cut of as the powers that be announced to the congregations that I have served for the last two years that i will be discontinued as a minister in this church. Like the stump in our back garden, it is a sad testimony of the nature of humanity, speaking of hopelessness and pain, of not being wanted anymore where i was planted (not by my own will but by the hand of Him who planted me) - disregarding years of faithful service and growth. However, this 'stump of my ministry' that remains is a testimony to much more. It is a testimony of hope in hopelessness, a testimony to the light of Christ that changes and saves - regardless of pain, darkness and fear.

Today, i stand not because i am proud, but because i know that i serve a God of new beginnings, a God of love and hope . A God who is there in our times of darkness. Today i proclaim boldly:
God is life!


Mev Dominee said...

I stand by you. I Love you.

Let us see where God takes us.


Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

You are a child of God: this is the God who creates light in the darkness, and joy from sorrow. I remain convinced that you are called by God.

bugs said...

Thanks Pete, your support means a lot!

Gus said...

I am wordless

God be with you

bugs said...

thanks Gus,
At the moment i am simply waiting on God to give me direction. I still believe that God has called me to be in fulltime ministry. I am now waiting for Him to open a door or window of opportunity to be in His service.

Crimson said...


I like Ou Boet stand by you NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

But I to do believe that God has an amazing plan in using you for the enrichment of His kingdom, on a full time basis.

The sad part is that the system is failing you and working against you in such an un godly way.

My prayers, are with you and family. You always have my support no matter where you are.

And remember God created you for a reason, I don't think He would change His mind now, not after all you and Him have been through!

God Bless, your roots are firm!!!

Lots of love,



barry said...

hey bugs

not clear what's happened and why but sad that you're going through this pain of loss.

how are you and mev dominee letting the anger and frustration out?

bugs said...

thanks Barry, hope you got the email.

Elin32 said...

I wish I to believe in God but I can't. I am crying shouting begging him or her to pull me out of this emptiness hopelessness to heal my pain of loneliness. Nothing ... for many years nothing...I wish I could believe I would have last for longer ....