Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call me Thomas

After my bold thoughts about a resurrection life an noticing the flame that is my call burning brighter again, I allowed painful experiences of the past to continue to haunt me and when everyone around me said "He has risen indeed" Everything in me shouted 'maybe for you but unless i feel and see and experience for myself...'

But God is patient and allows me to look at His wounds, that is for my healing, one by one.

The problem, i am beginning to realize, is that perhaps i am to scared/stubborn to look. So step 1 will have to be to purposefully seek out the company of the Risen Christ and allow Him to show me LIFE


Sunflower said...

Soek en jy sal vind...daar is altyd hoop! Dink aan jou vriendin!

Andrew Riddin said...

Hey my friend.

You've been on mind today. Went to send you a message on Facebook, and found you weren't there anymore... So hopefully this gets to you! Hope you are OK! Its 7 years down the line, and I still miss our regular coffee appointments!

My email address is: andrewjr2@gmail.com, cellphone number is 076 125 9341. You obviously don't need to post this to your blog :-)